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Ageing is a complex interplay of extrinsic and intrinsic factors leading to progressive changes in the body, including skin, subcutaneous tissue, bone and most other organs.

Anti-ageing has become a central component in skin care as we continually attempt to deliver the most effective treatments. The attempt to erase the effects of the chosen lifestyles from the skin only is an unrealistic expectation and usually in direct competition with good practices to achieve long-lasting results.

Daily and continuous exposure to numerous toxins are present in the air we breathe, water that we drink, foods we eat, household cleaning products and hygienic products that we use every day, medicines and drugs for common and frequent illnesses, heavy metals around us and even skin care products that we use, not to mention all the emotional toxicity we create from various mental stresses, leads to accelerated body wear and tear that also reflects on the skin.

The foundation of aesthetics lies in wellness and treating the skin holistically, "Holistic" being a multi-faceted concept where the skin is seen as an integral part of the ‘whole’ healthy body. The focus should be skin health through prevention and wellness in accordance to a healthy lifestyle.

Tailored treatment recommendations can help correct ill health that may indirectly or directly contribute to developing fine wrinkles, static lines and folds, irregular pigmentation, laxity, and subcutaneous volume loss - the visible signs of aesthetic ageing. You can achieve this by promoting good health and, thereby, good skin and collagen, reducing hyperkinetic musculature, and reinforcing supporting structures.

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