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Ageing is a complex interplay of extrinsic and intrinsic factors leading to progressive changes in the skin, subcutaneous tissue, and bone. Clinical experience suggests that early intervention may slow the signs of ageing and all signs of ageing. In most, some signs of ageing can be prevented, delayed, or minimized. This concept of addressing issues that have not arisen or are visible in the absence of symptoms or with minimal signs of ageing has not yet been addressed till now. A ’Stitch in time, now literally saves nine or more’!

We provide treatment recommendations for primary prevention and early intervention in individuals with no or minimal signs of ageing but belong to the vulnerable group for any number of known and ineffable reasons.

Tailored treatment recommendations for the prevention of fine wrinkles, static lines and folds, irregular pigmentation, skin and regional or focal laxity, subcutaneous volume loss, protecting the epidermis, strengthening collagen, reducing hyperkinetic musculature, and reinforcing supporting structures, can alter the predictable outcome of many conditions in a positive manner.
Preventive measures and early therapeutic interventions can alter the course of aesthetics and ageing, hence known as “Preventive Aesthetics“. The most suitable candidates are the GenZ, millennials in corporate or high profile jobs, high achievers, Wannabe moms, moms-to-be, or early moms, middle-aged professionals, homemakers, early retirees, and everyone! Because it's never too late.

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