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What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are a type of treatment that can completely restructure and enhance your facial features highlighting your natural beauty.

Dermal fillers act by restoring age-related volume loss to bring balance and harmony to your face. Most dermal fillers are temporary, and their effect lasts between 4 to 18 months. The various options of dermal fillers are specifically designed depending on the area to be injected.

  • Reshaping your nose: Dermal fillers can give you a straighter and more symmetrical nose. The treatment can also be used to smooth out any bumps or dents in the nose.
  • Cheek enhancement: Volume loss in the cheeks is one of the earliest signs of ageing and dermal fillers can do wonders to uplift sagging facial skin in this area.
  • Chin augmentation: Dermal fillers can be used to fill in a recessed chin bringing it more in line with your nose and forehead, dramatically altering your facial appearance.
  • Improving the appearance of post-acne scarring: Any surgical scars or post-acne scars that appear as depressions on the skin surface can be filled and smoothed using dermal fillers.
  • Adding volume to thin lips: In addition to giving your lips a fuller and more pleasing look, dermal fillers can be used to reshape and correct any drooping or unevenness of your lips.
  • Tear trough reduction: Having sunken tear troughs that run from the inner corner of your eye out to your cheek can give a tired and unhappy look to your face. Filling in these recesses can instantly change your appearance. This procedure can be tricky as the skin in this area of your face is quite thin and therefore the procedure should be performed by an experienced and skilled cosmetic physician.
  • Fillers for ageing hands: Other than your face, the skin on your hands is most exposed to the harmful effects of the sun and the environment. Special dermal fillers are also available that can add volume and improve the look of your hands.

Being a non-surgical treatment, dermal fillers are a cost-effective way to improve your facial features. The effects of the procedure are immediately apparent with minimal downtime and fewer risks of complications as compared to surgery.

What should you expect during the consultation?

When you visit Dr. Manoj K Johar for a Fillers Treatment in Noida, expect a thorough consultation. He will discuss your aesthetic goals and assess your skin's condition. As a leading Fillers treatment doctor in Noida, Dr. Johar ensures a personalized approach, outlining the procedure, potential results, and addressing any concerns. This initial discussion is crucial for tailoring the treatment to your specific needs, ensuring optimal outcomes.

What should you expect during the treatment?

During your Fillers Treatment in Noida with Dr. Manoj K Johar, comfort and precision are prioritized. The procedure, typically quick and minimally invasive, involves strategically injecting fillers into targeted areas. As an expert Fillers treatment doctor in Noida, Dr. Johar uses advanced techniques for minimal discomfort. The treatment aims to enhance facial contours, reduce wrinkles, or add volume, with immediate visible improvements.

What should you expect during the recovery?

Post your Fillers Treatment in Noida, Dr. Johar, a renowned Fillers treatment doctor in Noida, will guide you through the recovery process. Expect minimal downtime with possible mild swelling or redness, which subsides quickly. Dr. Johar advises on aftercare for maintaining results. The recovery period is generally brief, allowing you to resume normal activities soon, with the full effect of the fillers gradually becoming more apparent.

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